First sounds and video experiments

Hello dear friends and collaborators,

it’s been now the end of the first week at our residence. the first 5 or 6 songs are recorded. Need fine tuning, but hey, we are like sculptors and keep adding and shaping.

Friday we spent the whole day in the studio and got original Mafia Pizza by Cosa Nostra delivirated to the studio. We must admit, it was far more than 21 minutes, but we did not lynch the deliverator.

Also our Unsound related laboratory at the Lotte e.V. (Land of Temporary Eternity) latest location, Alte Polizeiwache is just amazing. Huge thanks to Kerstin and Erik and the whole NGO for spontaneously giving us this amazing space.

Also we had our first hang-over night yesterday. Thanks Stuttgart!


Today, Otto was performing in Amsterdam and Tilman is cleaning up vocal and synth tracks. More news coming soon